DPF Active Matic

DPF Active Matic

DPF Active Matic – is an alkaline, professional cleaning agent for cleaning DPF filters.

Its formula is meticulously chosen proportions, which include substances regulating the pH, surfactants, complexing agents, and corrosion inhibitors.

Effectively removes all petroleum-derived pollutants, oils, ashes and soot, which are difficult to remove by other products.

DPF Active Matic application: specialized machines for cleaning DPF / FAP filters and SCR catalysts (machine cleaning)

How it works :

The agent freely enters the filter cartridge (monolith) through its open outlet channels, then squeezes through microscopic openings in the walls dividing the monolith channels, into clogged inlet channels.

Its formula makes the highly compressed, baked solid particles completely dissolved both in the inlet channels of the filter, as well as in its microporous walls (Fig.1).

The meticulously selected surfactants reduce the surface tension of the cleaning fluid, thus increasing the penetration efficiency of the micropore filter. Thanks to the washing power, all impurities are removed from the washed surface.
Properly selected viscosity of the fluid causes a phenomenon similar in effect to friction during the movement of liquid molecules.

It is ideal for closed cleaning systems, used in DPF filter cleaning machines.


  1. Low foaming
  2. Safe for the DPF catalytic coating (sensitive to alkalies)
  3. Efficient, 200 ml for every DPF
  4. Contains corrosion inhibitors
  5. A mild smell

Low foaming - in the closed cleaning system machines, this element is necessary. It allows the machine to work without interruption and the need to constantly remove foam, or extinguish its excess with a skimmer. Safe for a water pump, in which excess of foam could easily damage it.

Safe - DPF filter cartridge channels are covered with aluminum and cerium oxides, which form the foundation for platinum particles (platinum chloride and organometallic compounds, i.e. what is the catalyst for the reaction). Platinum particles catalyze the oxidation of CO to CO2 and NO to NO2. Thanks to this, soot oxidation in the presence of NO2 can occur at much lower temperatures ranging from 250 ° C to 400 ° C. Our DPF Active Matic cleaning agent does not affect the catalytic coating, unlike most cleaning agents offered on the market.

Efficient – concentrated formula. Just 200 ml for each DPF for effective cleaning.

Contains corrosion inhibitors - they reduce the rate of corrosion by creating a protective layer on the metal filter housing.

Mild scent - its smell does not affect the general working conditions.


Recently, many products have appeared on the market, offered as DPF cleaning agents. Unfortunately, they mostly damage the catalytic coating of the filter cartridge.

Our company is currently buying and testing such products. The results are catastrophic.

The effectiveness of cleaning such products, due to their aggressive reaction (acidic or alkaline) is very high, however, they dissolve aluminum oxide, a component of the filter cartridge coating. Often these products were previously sold as engine shell components cleaning agents. Their high efficiency prompts some manufacturers to offer them now with a new label. Engine shell components are significantly different from the delicate catalytic coating of DPF filter cartridges.

The safety of our product can easily be demonstrated to the customer using comparative tests.

Persons using professional cleaning products should familiarize themselves thoroughly with the product label and the safety data sheet, where the recommended concentrations, methods of use and many other information influencing work safety are given.